Applying for a place

Avanti House Secondary School (“the School”) is part of the Ƶٷ and is an inclusive Hindu faith-designated school that welcomes children of all faiths and none.

The Trust Board of Ƶٷ (“the Trust Board”) is the “admission authority” for all schools within the trust and is responsible for determining and implementing the admission arrangements for those schools.

In the event of receiving more applications than there are places (180 in Year 7), please refer to the Admissions Policy for over subscription criteria.

Our latest admissions policy 2024/25 for Year 7 applications for September 2024 is available as a PDF for you to view and download.

For in year applications for academic year 2023-2024 year groups 7-11 please see In Year Admissions below.

Admission Process for Year 7 (September 2024)

Harrow Local Authority is responsible for pupil admissions for Avanti House Secondary School. A full explanation of the admissions arrangement is available to view on the Harrow Council website at . Please refer to the Harrow Council “Guide to Secondary Schools in Harrow 2024-2025” for further information.

Admissions Policy

Where the School is oversubscribed, the available places will be allocated to children in the order of priority according to the Over subscription Criteria as stated in the Avanti House Secondary School Admissions Policy.


SIF FORM 2024-2025

Consultation Report 2025-2026


SIF FORM 2025-2026

Supplementary Information Form (SIF) Notes

If you wish to apply under the faith criteria of the admissions policy, parents must submit a completed supplementary information form (SIF) to the school by the deadline date in addition to submitting a completed online application form to the Council.

The SIF form is only required if you meet the over subscription criteria 5 or 6 of the admissions policy 2024-2025.

The SIF form is not required for sibling link or feeder link.

The school is closed from Monday 16th October – Monday 30th October 2023. You can leave the SIF form in the post box outside the school. The form will be acknowledged once we are back at school.

As the school will be closed over this period we will not be able to accept any recorded delivery letters.

In Year Admissions

Occasionally spaces become available as families move out of the area for year groups 7-11. In order to get onto the schools waiting list, applications must be made online to Harrow Local Authority:

ADMISSION POLICY 2023-2024 ( For In Year applications Year 7-11)

SIF FORM 2023-2024

Waiting Lists

Avant House School does not have any vacancies at present for in year admissions for any year groups (7-11)

We are unable to give you the waiting list position as there are no vacancies at present. The Harrow Council waiting list is showing as 0, however this does not mean that your child has a place at the school as there are no vacancies at present.

If a vacancy does become available, then the school will contact you directly.


If you wish to appeal against the decision not to offer your child a place at the school, for your appeal to be heard in the main round of appeals it must be submitted by 31st March 2024. To submit an appeal please complete the appeal form, which is available from the Harrow Council website

Appeals will be heard between May to 31st July 2024.