Do you have a child safety concern?

If you have a belief or suspicion that a child is being, or has been, subjected to any form of abuse you must contact Child Protection or, where you need guidance on making a report or have questions regarding child safety, contact one of the College's appointed Child Safe Champions. Whenever there are concerns that a child is in immediate danger the Police should be called on 000.

The College's Child Safe Champions can be your first point of contact for reporting child safe issues within the College.

Our Child Safe Champions are:

Rabbi James Kennard - Principal  

Email: jkennard@scopus.vic.edu.au

Matti Borowski - Deputy Principal, Director of Alter Family School of Jewish Studies & Ivrit 

Email: mborowski@scopus.vic.edu.au

Sharon Stocker - Deputy Principal, Secondary

Email: sstocker@scopus.vic.edu.au

Kate Major - Acting Deputy Principal, Secondary

Email: kmajor@scopus.vic.edu.au

Greg Hannon - Deputy Principal, Primary

Email: ghannon@scopus.vic.edu.au

Dana Rosenzweig - Campus Coordinator SFPS

Email: drosenzweig@scopus.vic.edu.au

Monica Brivik - Campus Coordinator GBH

Email: mbrivik@scopus.vic.edu.au

Shana Upiter - Campus Coordinator Early Learning Centre 

Email: supiter@scopus.vic.edu.au

Liam O'Sullivan - Campus Coordinator Discovery Centre

Email:  losullivan@scopus.vic.edu.au

Stuart McKenzie - Head of Year 7

Email: smckenzie@scopus.vic.edu.au

Sharona Jotkowitz - Head of Year 8

Email: sjotkowi@scopus.vic.edu.au

Alanna Ward - Head of Year 9

Email: award@scopus.vic.edu.au

Jackson Freeman - Head of Year 10

Email: jfreeman@scopus.vic.edu.au

Robert Scholz - Head of Year 11

Email: rscholz@scopus.vic.edu.au

Sunny Gavran - Head of Year 12

Email: sgavran@scopus.vic.edu.au

Robert Miller - Head of Co-Curricular Jewish Education Program

Email: rmiller@scopus.vic.edu.au

Jina Belnick - Director of Individual Learning, Primary

Email: jbelnick@scopus.vic.edu.au

Sam Sherratt - Director of Teaching and Learning, Primary

Email: ssherratt@scopus.vic.edu.au

Heather Bunting - School Psychologist, Primary

Email: hbunting@scopus.vic.edu.au

Carrie Parratt - School Psychologist, Primary

Email: cparratt@scopus.vic.edu.au

Heidi Gaspar - School Psychologist, Discovery Centre

Email: hgaspar@scopus.vic.edu.au

Yael Levy - Educational and Developmental Psychologist Kinder

Email: ylevy@scopus.vic.edu.au

Bev Sher - Kindergarten Teacher 

Email: bsher@scopus.vic.edu.au

Amy Hershan - College President

Our Child Safe Champion

Ƶٷ Scopus Memorial College has appointed Kate Major as the College's Senior Child Safe Champion. The Senior Child Safe Champion has an important role in the promotion and maintenance of our child safe culture at the College.

The Senior Child Safe Champion is contactable by phone on 03 9834 0000 or by emailing kmajor@scopus.vic.edu.au.