Choosing the right school for your child is a significant decision, and we are thrilled that you are considering Avanti Grange School. Our admissions process is designed to be inclusive, transparent, and supportive, ensuring a seamless experience for both parents and students.

Why Choose Avanti Grange School?

  1. Holistic Education: At Avanti Grange, we believe in nurturing the overall development of our students. Our well-rounded curriculum focuses on educational excellence, character formation, and spiritual insight that goes beyond the classroom.
  2. Inspiring Learning Environment: Our new state-of-the-art campus provides a stimulating environment that promotes curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. With modern facilities and dedicated spaces for various activities, we offer an optimal setting for exploration and growth.
  3. Passionate Educators: Our team of experienced and dedicated educators are committed to unlocking the potential of every student. With a student-centric approach, they act as mentors, guiding and supporting young minds throughout their academic journey.
  4. Inclusive Community: Avanti Grange School embraces diversity and inclusivity. We celebrate the uniqueness of each student and cultivate an environment where all learners feel accepted, respected, and valued.

How to apply to the school?

  1. Review the relevant Admissions Policy below
  2. Apply by 31st October on the Hertfordshire County Council website (button below).


The Academy鈥檚 Admissions Policy reflects the fact that the Academy is an inclusive school that brings together families from all backgrounds and makes an important contribution to community cohesion. It aims to serve the whole community and is committed to bringing people together from different cultural, religious and social backgrounds. Parents should follow the same procedures as applying for any other state-funded school, through the local authority (LA).

  • To view/download our 2022/2023 admissions policy, please click here.
  • To view/download our 2023/2024 admissions policy please click here.
  • To view/download our 2024/2025 admissions policy please click here.
  • To view/download our 2025/2026 admissions policy please click here.
  • To view our admissions map click here.


  • If you wish to appeal against the decision not to offer your child a place at the school, for your appeal to be heard in the main round of appeals it must be submitted by 4pm on 28th March 2024.
  • To submit an appeal please complete the appeal form, which is available from the Hertfordshire Council website by clicking
  • Appeals will be heard between 2nd May 鈥 17th June 2024 (excluding 27th 鈥 31st May)