It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend an evening event at London鈥檚 Southbank Centre called 鈥淎ll You Need Is Love鈥. It features as part of a season of festivals called 鈥淭he Summer of Love鈥, a coming together of hundreds of artists and community groups to celebrate the theme of love.

榴莲视频官方 are delighted to have been invited into the celebrations, which offers pupils from all four Avanti schools the chance to perform on the stage of a world class venue in front of fellow classmates, parents and honoured guests. The event will be the first occasion in which pupils, comprised mainly from our three primary schools, will join together for a performance.

Our contribution to the festival will be a Ramayana-inspired programme, incorporating a mixture of music from Mozart to Bollywood; from African beats to George Harrison tributes 鈥 all in celebration of the ethos and values shared across all of the Avanti schools 鈥 an ethos that places love for God as the greatest emotion of all.

Please join us at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank, London at 6pm 鈥 Monday 14th July 2014. You will be immediately greeted and entertained by warm-up performances in the foyer just prior to the main event, proudly presented by our pupils as they celebrate love over hatred, good over evil, light over darkness鈥 the Avanti way!

Tickets are available at 拢8 each from any Avanti School 禄

Visit the for more info.