The Academy’s Admissions Policy reflects the fact that the Academy is an inclusive school that brings together families from all backgrounds, and makes an important contribution to community cohesion. It aims to serve the whole community and is committed to bringing people together from different cultural, religious and social backgrounds.

There is one point of admission at rising 5 only. Once a child has been allocated a place at rising 5 that child will be guaranteed a place throughout the school. The Academy is its own Admission Authority and is responsible for all in year transfers. The Local Education Authority coordinates admissions for Year R.

If you wish to apply for a place at the Academy for any time other than the standard September reception point of entry, please contact the school via email [email protected]

To apply for the standard reception point of entry online please apply via the Somerset website using the followng link:

For more detailed information about the school’s admission policy please contact the principal [email protected]