Pedestrian Movement:

  • We ask all parents to ensure their children walk, cycle or scoot to school where possible.
  • Parents, pupils, and staff are asked to use the pavements and to be thoughtful about other pedestrians’ using Park Road.
  • Pupils on scooters and bikes are requested to walk their bikes once they reach the boundaries of the school, at the main school entrance and down the school road to the pond gate.
  • There are a number of stone and brick walls bordering the school grounds including a low wall on the edge of the neighbouring Christchurch Parish Hall. We request that parents do not let their children walk along these walls as we cannot guarantee their safety.
  • No pedestrians to walk to or from the pond gate through the car park

Vehicle Movement:

As a school community our aim is to limit vehicles entering Park Road as it is a no through road and there is very limited parking on the road. We request that parents driving from a distance to the school park in one of the local car parks or in the surrounding area and walk their children into school.

Limiting vehicle movement is important for:

  • Safety of pupils and parents
  • Safety of other pedestrians and Park users
  • Being good neighbours to people who live and work on Park Road

Vehicle use of the Car Park:

  • From the 16th of Dec 2022 there will be a barrier system in place in the school car park
  • There is no drop off parking at the school site for parents except by special arrangement.
  • There are four drop off spaces and three disabled spaces that are for the use of pupils with access needs and these spaces need to be arranged with either the school Business manager or the school SENDCo – applications can be made via the ‘Use of the car park form’ – see below.
  • There is a one way system in place in the car park and all vehicles will enter via the top entrance and only those with the barrier code will be able to enter.
  • All vehicles to drive at a maximum speed of 5mph
  • The car park will be assessed for safety in conditions of ice and snow and may on occasion be closed by the Health & Safety team in order to keep staff, pupils, and parents safe.
  • No vehicles will be allowed on site during the school day unless accompanied by two members of the Site and Health & Safety Team

Use of the school car park form