Miss Robinson, our Class 4 teacher encouraged young artists to take part in the Royal Academy’s Young Artists’ Summer competition this year. There were amazing pieces entered from all years from Reception up to Year 8, including paintings, sketches and sculptures.

Miss Robinson was absolutely bowled over when two of these pieces were selected by judges to be displayed in London at the prestigious Royal Academy’s Young Artists’ Summer Exhibition, with all three winners selected by judges to be shown on the on-line exhibition as well.

The three pieces included two winning entries from Reception and one from Year 5. The two Reception pieces were nature and animal inspired, titledBees in a SunflowerandBunny World.The third piece that will be displayed as part of the exhibition was titled‘Jeff Buzzoff’by Ella from Year 5.

Jeff Buzzoffwas an interesting and insightful anti-Amazon clay model, when Ella was asked about her intricate miniature sized entry – she lit up and was keen to tell us all about it! Ella and her friend were out on a walk in a local wood when they stumbled across part of the woods that had been ‘deforested’. They stayed in this patch and that’s when inspiration struck.Ella and her friend picked up some clay and Ella made the tiniest hairbrush that could be used to groom her toy dogs. The moss on the handle and the bristles were made from the needles of a tree. All of the materials were found within two square metres of this patch in the woods. It was important to Ellathat the hairbrush was produced locally with no artificial materials and therefore fully biodegradable.

Ella wrote eloquently and passionately about her piece and clearly her art and her writing made an impact on the judges.

A huge well done to Ella and all of our highly creative students!

The Young Artists’ Summer Show 2023 takes place between 18 July – 13 August at the Clore Learning Centre in Burlington Gardens and brings together work by primary and secondary students from across the UK. The online exhibition opens from the 18 July 2023.#RAYoungArtists